Liberation Notes
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Hey there! 👋 I'm Jamie Wang, also known as Taka, and welcome to Liberation Notes – the space where I share my thoughts on life, dive into the world of software, and explore the intersection of both.

嘿! 👋 我是 Jamie Wang,也常被稱為 Taka,歡迎來到解放筆記 - 在這裡我將分享我的生活想法,並深入軟體世界,探索兩者的交集。

As an IT Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Co-Founder of Nilvana AI, I'm passionate about weaving together the threads of technology, creativity, and personal growth. But Liberation Notes is not just about tech jargon and algorithms; it's a journey of self-discovery and constant learning.

身為擁有博士學位的 IT 從業人員,也是 Nilvana AI 的共同創辦人。我熱衷於將科技、創新和個人成長的線索編織在一起。但《解放筆記》不僅僅涉及技術術語和演算法;也是一個自我發現和不斷學習的旅程。

In this corner of the internet, you'll find me navigating the complexities of life while sharing old lessons and embracing new discoveries. I'm not just a tech enthusiast; I'm also a devoted husband, and each aspect of my life plays a role in shaping the content you'll find here.


With a skill set honed in IoT and AI tech, my aim is to bring value to businesses and inspire others along the way. Liberation Notes isn't just a blog; it's a dynamic space where I share my experiences, insights, and the excitement of staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


Whether you're into AI, software development, or just curious about the musings of an IT Practitioner, you're in the right place. Join me on this adventure of exploration, where each post is an opportunity to reflect, learn, and share in the wonders of life and technology.

無論您是熱衷於人工智慧、軟體開發,還是只是對 IT 從業者的想法感到好奇,您都來對地方了。和我一起踏上這趟探索之旅,每一篇文章都是一個反思、學習和分享生活和科技奇蹟的機會。

So, buckle up for a journey of curiosity, growth, and a few surprises along the way. I'm thrilled to have you here at Liberation Notes! 🚀✨

因此,請繫好安全帶,踏上一段充滿好奇、成長和驚喜的旅程。我很高興您能來到我的《解放筆記》! 🚀✨