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If you have any ideas or are interested in collaborating, please contact me by filling out the form below. I am available for consulting, software development, freelance work, and more.

如果您有任何想法或有興趣合作,請填寫下面的表格與我聯繫。我提供顧問服務、軟體開發、與 freelance等工作。

Here are some ways in which we can collaborate:

  • Consulting: I can provide expert advice on a variety of topics, including AI, web development, and software design.
  • Software development: I can assist in building custom software applications tailored to your specific needs, using languages and frameworks such as Python, PHP, and Web development technologies.
軟體開發:我可以根據您的特定需求量身定製軟體應用或網頁,使用諸如 Python、PHP 和 Web開發技術等語言和框架。
  • Web Design: I offer creative and functional web design services to enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your online presence.

I am always open to engaging in new and exciting projects, so feel free to reach out.


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