Object detection on a 360 degree camera

Object detection on a 360 degree camera
Image from diyphotography.

Object Detection on a 360 degree camera

We get this question a lot from customers: “What kind of cameras should I acquire?” Is it possible to detect objects while using a GoPro or other 360-degree camera with Nilvana™ vision studio? The simple answer is that as long as you use the same camera to collect photos and the same device to perform model inference, you don’t need to care about the type of cameras you use.

Due to the necessity of traveling throughout Taiwan, our colleague Sam Li just bought the Insta360 One RS 1-inch, the company’s first 360 camera with two 1-inch CMOS sensors. I think that will result in extremely good image quality performance, we wish him a safe journey.

Sam really used this camera to gather a lot of real road vehicle condition videos for the vehicle counting toolkit that will be released next month, so keep an eye out for that.

Vehicle Counting Toolkit is coming soon!!

Finally, a video of the actual inference of the insta360 video is presented for your reference. It would be great to see more compelling application cases on a 360-degree camera.

Object detection in action 🚀