Restaurant Waitlist Numbering System Design

Restaurant Waitlist Numbering System Design
Photo by Melanie Pongratz / Unsplash

Recently, I encountered a fascinating job opportunity that tasked me with designing a waitlist numbering system for restaurants. I spent several days delving into this challenge, hypothesizing the problem and its potential solutions, and embarked on a detailed breakdown of the task. This involved considering various aspects such as the customer's experience of joining the waitlist, the technological infrastructure needed to support such a system, and how it could improve overall service efficiency and reduce waiting times. Moreover, I explored how the system could be scaled to fit restaurants of varying sizes and handle diverse customer flows. This endeavor turned out to be a highly enriching experience, granting me invaluable insights into the intersection of technology and customer service within the restaurant industry. It was a journey filled with learning and exploration that I felt was important to document.

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