Azure IoT & ML Recap - 20180503

Azure IoT & ML Recap - 20180503
Photo by Matthew Osborn / Unsplash

Building on the success of my initial internal presentation, which received excellent feedback, I delved deeper into Azure IoT on May 3, 2018. This session aimed to provide a more detailed understanding of Azure's Internet of Things offerings, covering architecture, integration capabilities, and practical applications within our organization.

在初次的內部演講受到不錯回響的基礎上,我於2018年5月3日深入探討 Azure IoT。這場演講目的在更詳盡地介紹 Azure IoT相關的特點,包括架構、整合能力以及在我們組織內的可能實際應用。

The follow-up presentation highlighted key features of Azure IoT, emphasizing its potential impact on our product development strategies. Interactive discussions with the team explored ways to leverage Azure IoT for enhancing current projects and future initiatives.

這次的演講著重在 Azure IoT 的主要功能,強調其對我們產品開發策略的潛在影響。與團隊進行的互動性討論探討了如何利用 Azure IoT 來強化當前項目和未來計劃。
Role: Senior Product Manager