Cloud PLC | 雲端可程式化邏輯控製器

Cloud PLC | 雲端可程式化邏輯控製器

Faced with the challenge of a production line redesign led by our parent company, I was given a special task. My boss wanted me to become familiar with and master the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) they were using. This was no small feat, as it required not only understanding the basics of PLC operation but also learning how to design programs using ladder diagrams. Confronted with this learning curve, I decided to self-study PLC programming.


I first delved deeply into the principles and functionalities of PLCs, and then began to experiment with designing basic programs using ladder diagrams. As I gradually mastered the fundamentals, I started to construct a simulated input/output scenario to better understand how PLCs operate in real-world applications. To take this process to a new level, I decided to integrate MQTT protocol and a custom-built Android application to achieve remote PLC control. This innovative control system not only deepened my understanding of PLCs but also brought a more flexible control solution to our company's production line.

我首先深入研究 PLC 的原理和功能,然後開始嘗試透過階梯圖來設計基本的程式。隨著我逐漸掌握基礎知識,我開始建立一個模擬的輸入輸出情境,以便於實際應用中更好地理解 PLC 的工作原理。為了讓這個實驗更有趣一點,我決定結合 MQTT 協議和一個 Android 應用來實現遠端 PLC 控制。這個實驗不僅加深了我對 PLC 的理解,也為公司的產線帶來了更靈活的控制方案。

Through this process, I not only learned the technical details of PLC programming but, more importantly, I learned how to apply these techniques to solve real-world problems and tackle challenges in actual work scenarios. This experience has not only enhanced my professional skills but also improved my problem-solving and self-learning abilities.

經過這次的挑戰,我不僅學到了 PLC 程式設計的技術細節,更重要的是,我學會了如何將這些技術應用於實際問題中,解決實際工作場景下的挑戰。這次經歷不僅增強了我的專業技能,也提高了我解決問題和自我學習的能力。
Role: Senior Product Manager & Development Team Leader