Kao - Face Recognition Access Control System | 人臉辨識門禁系統

Kao - Face Recognition Access Control System | 人臉辨識門禁系統

At the end of 2018, while I was preparing for a baby monitor project, I spent nearly four months leading a two-person team to develop a facial recognition access control system. This process started from the initial conceptual design, went through the analysis of existing products, and delved into the technical decomposition of software and hardware, finally culminating in the development using Android, microservices, and integrated system design. Faced with limited resources, I took on most of the technical development and system planning work.


Our system has been successfully deployed in our Taipei office, achieving seamless integration of access control and employee management systems. Additionally, I designed an IoT device to control the electronic access relay and 3D printed a custom enclosure for it. This innovative system, designed for a dual-level office environment, includes two sets of relays and four tablet computers, with all microservices running in containers on an OpenStack private cloud. This design not only simplifies the cross-floor operation process but also ensures that each component works efficiently together, providing a unified and reliable access management solution. By utilizing OpenStack, we can customize the system settings according to specific security and operational needs, ensuring the stable operation of the facial recognition access control system and its scalability as the company grows.

Role: Senior Product Manager

I built three Android apps for this system.
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