LTE Pocket Router | LTE 口袋型路由器

LTE Pocket Router | LTE 口袋型路由器

During the development of the Pocket Router, I was primarily responsible for designing the internal application layer architecture to enhance the product's efficiency and flexibility. My key achievements include:

在Pocket Router的開發過程中,我主要負責設計內部的應用層架構,以提高產品的效率和靈活性。我的主要成就包括:

I designed and implemented a series of software middleware for router products, offering strong software support. By integrating C++, C, Lua, and PHP, I built a stable and efficient processing architecture, providing a reliable guarantee for the product's high-performance operation.

我為路由器產品設計並實現了一系列軟體Middleware。整合了 C++、C、Lua和PHP,我提出了一套穩定且高效的IPC處理架構,為產品的高性能運行提供了可靠保障。

I led the development of the entire remote upgrade system, from architecture design to specific implementation, enabling the product to seamlessly receive and install updates, significantly enhancing user experience and the product's competitive edge in the market.

Role: Principle Enginner