Neptune - Smart Home Product Line | 智能家居產品線

Neptune - Smart Home Product Line | 智能家居產品線
Photo by R ARCHITECTURE / Unsplash

This document is the final draft of the proposal for a smart home technology product. The proposal originated from an innovative concept I introduced in July 2019, while serving as the team leader. After rigorous testing and verification of the prototype circuit board, and approximately three months of internal proposal revisions, I have completed this final version.


It is noteworthy that this smart home concept achieved significant milestones during its development process. We successfully applied for a Taiwanese invention patent, which not only officially recognized our creativity but also laid the foundation for the subsequent implementation of the product.


Following the patent approval, we installed the product in a model home to practically demonstrate its potential and effectiveness. Potential users and stakeholders could directly interact with the smart home system in the model home, experiencing its ability to improve living environments.

Role: Senior Product Manager & Development Team Leader

2-way relay for smart devices